"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the entire team for the great event of last Saturday, very helpful and professional."
Participant to the workshop 2010


"I just wanted to thank you for this fantactic event. Everything was great. The space in the facility, the speakers, the lunch, the information, the timing-schedule. Thank you!"
Participant to the workshop 2010


"I would like to congratulate the MBA2U team for Saturday's workshop. Firstly, it is a unique opportunity for us as prospective candidates to meet the best business schools in the world. Without an event like this, Belgium would probably not even be on the map of these schools. Secondly, the organisation of the workshop was absolutely flawless."
Rodolphe de Crayencour (Workshop 2010)


"First time I heard of it, I thought MBA2U workshop is just a regular MBA fair. When I saw the list of participating schools, it was clear that this event is completely different. It was a perfectly organised day with numerous networking activities that helped me find answers and get the feel for the right school. MBA2U is doing a great job in matching top business schools with prospective MBA students and MBA2U workshop was, without a doubt, one of the most important steps in my MBA decision making process."
Dario Kolenko (Worshop 2006, Cambridge 2010)


"The MBA2U organisation is a great platform for prospective MBA students. It offered me direct access to both alumni and representatives of the admission office of the major American and European business schools in an informal environment all just in one day. The level of information sharing was highly appreciated and allowed me to have a good sense of the different positioning and identities of the schools to direct my later choice. MBA2U is one of the very few forums in Belgium offering this type of approach and has a big share of responsibility in the relative important representation of Belgians and Belgian residents in top MBA schools."
David Detrilles (workshop 2007, Wharton 2011)


"MBA2U is a great starting point for everyone that considers to pursue an MBA degree in a top-tier business school. Not only I had the opportunity to make initial contacts with the adcom officers and alumni but also acquired my first impressions about the schools. The organization was simply perfect, I had the opportunity to gather a lot of crucial information in addition to the information that is on the internet and met with prospective students which some of them already turned out to be friendship."
Ercin Eksin (workshop 2009, Chicago Booth 2012)


"Overall great organisation! Very good choice of universities invited. Very interesting and varied backgrounds of panel speakers."
Participant to the workshop 2009


"Good to have alumni attending the event, this is really valuable! Time with schools is relaxed and flexible. Great organisation!"
Participant to the workshop 2009


"The format is quite intimate and we really have the opportunity to go deeply into any topic. The food was great and the lunch format made it really easy to approach people for conversation. It was really well organised!"
Participant to the workshop 2009


"I would like to thank you indeed for the great day that you and your team organised... it was, to me, a huge success! The people I met and talked to gave me plenty of valuable information about getting prepared for an MBA. The venue was great and everything was organised perfectly! Really well done!"
Aubry Fell (workshop 2008)


"I had a great time, learned a lot. I came back totally thrilled by the idea of doing an MBA and I was coming for general information at the beginning. Congratulations for the organisation and I wish you a lot of success in the future!"
Participant to the workshop 2008


"The event was awesome! Such an amount of top schools in the same area... very nice! Thank you."
Participant to the workshop 2008


"The MBA2U forum was a turning point in my assessments whether to pursue a MBA program. It allows in a very condensed period to get a feel of the world top MBA program by talking to adcoms and discussing informally with alumni. After participating to this forum, I knew which school I wanted to apply to. But above all it helped me perceive the inner difference between the various programs."
Isabelle Lessedjina (MBA2U workshop 2002 and 2006)


"As from the moment I graduated at university, I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA. After four years of professional experience, I attended my first MBA2U forum in Brussels and got introduced to an impressive line up of top business schools. Overwhelmed with the variety of schools, I drove back home with only two questions on my mind. What do I want to get out of my MBA? Which schools do I apply for? As you can expect, I had not figured it out by the time I got home. I returned to the MBA2U forum one year later. But I had made progress by then. I knew what I wanted and had four schools in my short list. Talking extensively with the alumni of each school gave me a good feel on what school to target first. 8 months later I got accepted by my number 1 school. The journey has been very rewarding so far!"
Joeri De Greef (Forum KUL 2003, workshop 2004 and 2006)

"For me as a prospective MBA-student, MBA2U proved to be an excellent platform. With impeccable timing towards the application process, MBA2U provides a face-to-face introduction and immediate access to almost all the top business schools, and allows you to appreciate the different qualities within them. Moreover, there is ample opportunity for meeting other applicants who are pondering the same questions and concerns I had and exchanging experiences and thoughts with them. Attending MBA2U was an acceleration point in my MBA decision making."
Rob Tilmans (MBA2U Workshop 2006)


"Once you made the decision to do an MBA it is of vital importance to gather as much information about schools as you can find. The application processes of top schools are such that each one must be researched in depth and prepared individually. The amount of data available in the press and on the internet is considerable but often inconsistent and sometimes misleading. In such a context, entering into direct contact with the schools is of capital importance. MBA2U played a key role in allowing me to meet with representatives of the world's leading programmes and ultimately enabled me to make an informed decision on what will certainly stand as a major turning point in my career."
Pascal Michels (MBA2U workshop 2007)


"If you plan on having an exciting career in Europe or Belgium, participating in MBA2U is a must. Living in New York, I attended numerous local MBA-fairs and received overwhelming US-centric information about US MBA programs and domestic employer�s perspective. I found MBA2U through a friend of mine and I decided to fly back to Belgium exclusively to attend MBA2U 2007-workshop. In one day and one place, I shared ideas with distinguished Belgian MBA alumni, I met the schools of interest to me, I gauged the obstacles along the admission path, and I found out about financing opportunities. This flight back to Belgium saved me hundreds of hours in research and networking. Moreover, MBA2U workshop shifted my true motivation for an MBA from efficiency to long-term career impact. The bottom line is: MBA2U workshop definitely had a big impact on my choice and attending it was the best decision I made along my MBA admission process."
Sandrine Dury (MBA2U workshop 2007, Stanford 2010)


"The MBA2U event I attended most certainly contributed to my decision to pursue an MBA. It was great to hear from a panel of seasoned business leaders what doing an MBA had done for them and the value they give to an MBA degree when recruiting for their firms.
What I also appreciated was the presence of various school representatives from all major schools; both alumni and school coordinators. This mix allowed me to quickly get an overview of all major programs and to be able to ask precise questions on the process and requirements for each school. Finally it was a great opportunity to meet other applicants and exchange useful information.
I would definitely recommend future applicants or those "hesitant" to apply for an MBA to attend an MBA2U event to help them in their decision process."
Bhupinder Singh (MBA2U workshop 2007)


"Since I graduated from university I knew that I wanted to pursue an MBA. In the process of choosing the right school, I found the information available on the Internet and in the press quite general and repetitive. The MBA2U events I attended were of a decisive help to my application process: the insight from school representatives, alumni and fellow potential MBA students allowed me to get authentic perspectives to the world of business schools. The pragmatic organization of the workshop also gave me the opportunity to directly compare a number of top schools. For me, participating in different MBA2U events was of a great help for a successful MBA application."
Jean-Marc Di Cato (Workshop 2007, Stern NYU 2010)


  • The benefit of being a member of MBA2U was a pivotal step to starting out my research on schools for my MBA. It afforded me the opportunity to meet with several top ranked business schools discussion with Admissions officers and Alumni from such institutions; it also allowed me the opportunity to share information with fellow applicants.
  • One of the outcomes of my membership was getting information about the RealAcad Venture Management Program. I have always being someone that enjoys competition and challenges and I decided this would be a good program to embark on before my MBA because of the anticipated challenges. The entire pre-selection process was very rigorous and intensive. I found this process very useful when writing my essays for my MBA and during my Interview for the MBA. Most recently studying for the Real Acad program ahead of the start date is also going to be an added value to my MBA.
  • The MBA2U Booklet had all the information you would need while exploring schools, financial opportunities, grants, loans and scholarships and also information on schools.
    I would recommend any aspiring applicant to consider being a member of MBA2U.
Lucrece Ileleji (workshop 2007)


"MBA2U is a great opportunity for people at all stages of the business school application process. For those pondering whether an MBA is for them, the conference panel was invaluable. It offered frank and honest advice from employers and former MBA students.
For people like me that had already decided to pursue an MBA, the MBA2U conference provided unparalleled accessibility. Attending this conference allowed me to meet adcom members from the world's top MBA programs and to learn about each school in detail. I was able to ask questions that I could not find on program brochures and websites. Furthermore, I was also able to meet fellow future MBA candidates who shared similar career goals as me.
I highly encourage all people, no matter what stage they are in the MBA process, to attend this conference and take advantage of this terrific and unique opportunity."
Timothy Spillane (MBA2U workshop 2007)


"The MBA2U Forum in Luxembourg and the MBA2U Workshop in Brussels provided me with helpful information for my decision process to start with a MBA program. Both events supplied me with well prepared written details about a variety of business schools as well as different possibilities how to finance a MBA study. Panel discussions, breakout sessions and individual contacts with alumni completed these successful events. Thank you very much for the excellent organization."
Martin Josef Beck (MBA2U Forum 2007 and MBA2U Workshop 2007)

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